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Why Niagara Toronto Tours Is The Perfect Excursion For Your Family

Niagara Falls is one of the great natural wonders of the world, attracting over 12 million visitors each year. While the Falls might be on your travel bucket list, if you’re a family with little ones in tow you might wonder if a trip there is the right one for your group.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons why the Niagara region is great for families with members of all ages. There’s a ton to see and do in and around the Falls and in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and it’s a place that you can revisit with your kids for years to come.

Below, we’ve outlined why a Niagara Toronto Tour is the perfect family excursion.

Making Memories

There are a ton of things to do on a Niagara Falls trip that are absolutely unforgettable. First, there’s the requisite visit to the Horseshoe Falls themselves – thousands of litres fall over the Horseshoe cliff every second, and there’s really nothing like seeing it for yourself in person. Your kids will definitely take this memory with them as they grow.

To really make a visit to the Falls memorable though, there’s a way to see this natural phenomenon from an incredible vantage point. Niagara Toronto Tours has exclusive rates with Niagara Helicopters, which means you can affordably take your family on this excursion during your visit to Niagara.

This really is one of the most breathtaking ways to experience the Falls. The helicopter flies 2500 feet above the Falls, where you can see both sides of the Falls on the Canadian-American border. The tour also gives you an aerial view of several Niagara landmarks, including the Niagara Whirlpool and Rapids, the Skylon Tower, the Rainbow Bridge and Queen Victoria Park.

Better yet, the helicopter model, an Airbus H130, has just eight seats onboard, meaning that your family can take a private tour if there’s enough of you to fill the seats. You can also bring family members who are visiting from another country and speak a language other than English to hear the audio guide on the tour – it’s offered in 12 different languages. It’s an unforgettable way to spend time with family and see this amazing place.

At the end of the journey, you and your family can purchase photos from the tour’s aerial photography service, and take home studio-quality prints of pictures taken during your trip (you can also take the digital files of the photos home on a USB stick.) You’ll also get a certificate signed and dated by your pilot, notarizing your helicopter journey over the Falls – a perfect way to remember this moment you spent with family.

A Learning Opportunity

Traveling to the Niagara region with children also presents a number of learning opportunities for them, which is helpful especially during the summer months when they’re not in school. Here are just a few places that will interest kids while teaching them something new:

  • The Niagara Gorge
    When visiting the Niagara Gorge on your Toronto Niagara Tour, you’ll be able to note the different layers of rock sediment along the canyon walls, formed by the immense flow of water from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. The layers map out millions of years of the earth’s history – a lesson that’s likely to be better absorbed by your children when they can see it for themselves in person. You’ll be able to observe the Gorge from the observation platform located not from the Falls themselves, and get a breathtaking look at the region’s geographical history.

  • Queenston Heights
    There’s also a lot of human history to be found in the Niagara region. One famous site is the location of the Battle of Queenston Heights – a famous conflict during the War of 1812. During this battle, Sir Isaac Brock and the British troops claimed victory over the Americans, before Brock ultimately lost his life at this same spot. Here at Queenston Heights you will now find a beautiful monument to Brock, as well as to Canadian heroine Laura Secord. Secord was a British loyalist who helped the British win the Battle of Beaver Dams, by warning troops of an impending American ambush.
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake
    One other unique piece of Canadian history is the well-preserved colonial town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, founded by the British when Ontario was still the colony of Upper Canada in 1791. The town was a bustling hub of social and economic activity, as well as the first home of Canada’s provincial parliament (which later moved to Queen’s Park in Toronto). One prominent citizen was John Graves Simcoe, a local politician who went on to become Canada’s first lieutenant governor (a representative of the Queen in her colonies). He introduced the Act to Abolish Slavery in 1793, which set Canada on the path to abolition in the early 18th century. Today, you can still ride through the streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake in a horse-drawn carriage, which is sure to delight your little ones, and you’ll be able to spend time with family in the town’s beautiful gardens, shops and restaurants. If your children are a bit older and can sit through a theatre performance, it should also be noted that the town is home to the famous Shaw Festival, a theatre company that presents various productions for six months of the year (from spring to fall).

Planning Your Visit

Learn more about how you can plan the perfect excursion for your family to the Niagara region. The sites listed above are only some of the fun things you can do with family members of all ages in the area.

Be sure to get in touch with us to answer any questions you might have about different attractions in and around Niagara Falls, and we can start planning your summer family adventure!

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